Episode 20: Titanic Conspiracies

June 27, 2022 Mysteriocities: An All Things Weird Podcast Season 1 Episode 20
Episode 20: Titanic Conspiracies
Show Notes

If you're like Meara, you know a lot about the Titanic and perhaps don't know that there are a plethora of conspiracy theories surrounding its sinking on that fateful night in April 1912. Whether you do or don't, buckle up because this is our longest episode ever (somehow, we don't know how, probably because all of the movie references, and possibly because since the VHS is in two parts, we simply felt we needed an extra long episode to do the topic justice)! Some people say a cursed mummy brought the ship doom, others say the Titanic never actually sank at all, but regardless of whether you subscribe to any of the theories, without a doubt it's a tragedy that hasn't been forgotten, even a hundred years later!

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The Titanic and Olympic Switch Theory:
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