Episode 26: Tamla Horsford, Part 1

August 08, 2022 Mysteriocities: An All Things Weird Podcast Season 1 Episode 26
Episode 26: Tamla Horsford, Part 1
Show Notes

Very few clever quips today because this one is absolutely infuriating, y’all. We dive into the mysterious death of Tamla Horsford, who went to an adult sleepover with some football moms and by morning, was found mysteriously dead on the lawn. The investigation was handled badly from the start, in a historically racist county and as she was the only black person at a party of white people, many people wonder had the situation been opposite, would it have been handled the same way? Part 1 is all about the area, Tamla, and the party. Stay tuned for Part 2 next Monday where we’ll go into the investigation! It’s going to piss you off so here are links below if you want to help.

Justice for Tamla:
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