Episode 33: Horror Heauxs - Jennifer's Body

October 11, 2022 Mysteriocities: An All Things Weird Podcast Season 1 Episode 33
Episode 33: Horror Heauxs - Jennifer's Body
Show Notes

Buckle up for spooky season and our very first movie review! We decided to load you with content this month because it's our first October live and on air and you all deserve it. Instead of giving you more content of the normal variety, we decided to try something new and watch some horror movies to ring in spooky season. We started with the absolutely iconic Jennifer's Body -- a personal favorite of Morgan's that Meara has never seen. Safe to say that it's now one of her favorite movies as well. If you've watched the movie, let us know what you thought of Adam Brody's eyeliner, the iconic theme some of the movie and what your favorite line is!

Also, we do not own the rights to the music we used from the movie. If you like the song the details are below.

Through the Trees
Music by Ryan Levine and Andrew Ampaya
Lyrics by Ryan Levine
Performed by Ryan Levine (as Low Shoulder)